the coproduct of doom (oonh) wrote,
the coproduct of doom


In the technical, handedness since ages yore sense, I'm right handed. However, there
are several interesting upsets to this. I've been learning how to write with my left hand for
several years. My sister tried to do this as well, but gave up. I think our attempts were

I bought a really large lined book to write in, and I've chosen to only write in it with my
left hand for the following reason: there's more substance. My problems actually get
written on paper -- if I were penning it with my right there's a damn good chance
it would dissolve into calligraphic swirls and the point behind it would be lost.

Every time I started to wander, or to repeat a word because I thought the
penmanship demanded immediate practice, I'd jump out and say, "nono,
substance before surface", and then remind myself how silly that is.

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