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the coproduct of doom [userpic]

I am not your so called 'online personality test'

December 7th, 2001 (02:12 pm)

I am becoming slightly tired with online personality tests.
I do not need to be told that I'm Jack Nicholson's pituitary,
or St. Augustine's right earlobe, nor that I'm the left
nipple of Drew Barrymore. I do not need to know
that I share maladies with the styrofoam cup or
that I am a SPQR. Please, peace be inverted amongst you.

And where's my round trip ticket to Flollopstan?


Posted by: Oscuridad (oscuridad)
Posted at: December 8th, 2001 05:29 am (UTC)

im right there with you :) Though I couldn't argue with Drew Barrymore's nipple...

(Deleted comment)
Posted by: Oscuridad (oscuridad)
Posted at: December 8th, 2001 06:34 pm (UTC)
Re: heh

weeeeellll if you're going to be literal, you COULD. But I think i umm....might have better things to do....*sigh* ah well. I will go off to sleep virtuous and alone. *grarrrrarararar!* *lol*

Posted by: Jacqueline Russell-Terrier (tikva)
Posted at: December 9th, 2001 04:42 pm (UTC)

*applauds wildly* THANK YOU, sweetie. Those were fun the first 6987065876608789 times, but, uh....yeah.

Good to see you last night. *hugs*

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