the coproduct of doom (oonh) wrote,
the coproduct of doom

long, odd, day

my day, that is to say what I refer as the entire period of consciousness which will end shortly after
I complete this post, was long and weird. It started out on irc somewhere in the murky depths
of dalnet. Around five or so I biked to Porter, and injured my right knee shortly thereafter.

I spent the morning doing laundry and not napping. Around noon or so I missed wyndam's email: he was running late for
wendys. We chatted, and then I wandered off to the timecube debate. After which I met some nifty
people and wandered off to see Peter Jackson's Meet the Feebles
(it was filmed in 1989? I boggle). And if the brain-busting weren't complete, we then watched

So, at 1:30, I taxied back to Rice, and wrote this all down.
I think the day was very good. Much was ramified. More name-face-nick
triples were accumulated. And now I go thud. I hope my brain's in a better state when I wake.

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