the coproduct of doom (oonh) wrote,
the coproduct of doom

shimmering morphisms...

It's not about the objects (be they dogs, political philosophies, anodized copper existential quantifiers, lovers, twisted bits of cream, ironed steam, or green cream).

It's about their relationships. (communication, a shapes b, b transforms a, lemons fall on the ground, dust settles, embankments dissolve, people conduct state transformations to themselves, energy disperses).

Suddenly I have a renewed appreciation for pure functional programming. And for interacting with people,
and so on.

(well, it would be funny if it were possible to permute the following objects (which is tantamount to saying
that it's possible to permute the mental objects called by these signs, though energetically
infeasible to permute the actual ones): French Existentialism, Julia child, the tacky aftertaste of calcium
addititve (in orange juice), the exhalation of frustration as one just misses the train, and the scent
which foreshadows a May thunderstorm. The permutations into energetically infeasible configurations
help to demonstrate the structure of the world: it's how we find 'the scent which foreshadows a may thunderstorm'
missing 'the tacky aftertaste of calcium additive' funny)


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