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the coproduct of doom [userpic]

hot spare spectacles

November 8th, 2003 (05:51 am)

will be obtained today
I stepped on my glasses two days in a row.


Posted by: David Krikorian (exponentialdk)
Posted at: November 8th, 2003 09:21 am (UTC)

Ow. Maybe you caught the inhumanely-clumsy bug from me last weekend? I wonder what the incubation time is.

Posted by: mark (prgrmr)
Posted at: November 8th, 2003 03:40 pm (UTC)

I replaced my frames earlier this week cause my 2 year old crunched them beyond rebendablitly. It still amazes me the amount of damage an otherwise happy and delightful child can inflict. I swear if I ever win the lottery (because that's what it would take), the first thing I will do once I've deposited that precious, giant, near-billboard-sized check is make way to the nearest opthamologist for the laser surgery.

I hate my glasses. I hate wearing them. I hate buying them. And I totally hate having to re-buy them. Again. Grrr! /rant

Posted by: quasi random (kaolinfire)
Posted at: November 8th, 2003 04:47 pm (UTC)

The last thing my glasses did for me (well, besides providing rather decent vision, considering) was take a chunk out from between my eyes. That's what I get for wearing them inside a motorcycle helmet and choosing (choosing?) to impact the pavement at a tangential 60-60mph. If I'd been wearing contacts, I'd probably still have that dear chunk of flesh. Hmm.

And yet.

Posted by: mark (prgrmr)
Posted at: November 8th, 2003 05:34 pm (UTC)

Yeah, I'm practically blind without my glasses, so living with them isn't really a choice. Fortunately for me, I know better than to get on a motorcycle. Sorry about your missing chunk. That's got to make for an interesting scar though.

Posted by: quasi random (kaolinfire)
Posted at: November 8th, 2003 05:43 pm (UTC)

It's working on it. http://erif.org/g/baybridgewreck/

now it's just a bit extra-shiny and a bit pink, and a bit missing. :)

I don't think I'm ever going to learn my motorcycle lesson. I like them way too much.

Posted by: idali (idali)
Posted at: November 8th, 2003 04:01 pm (UTC)


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