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the coproduct of doom [userpic]

writing questions

August 26th, 2006 (03:54 pm)

What kinds of pens/paper combinations do you love?
What kinds do you hate?
What writing implement do you prefer, pen or pencil?
What kind of paper do you like, even if it doesn't work with the type of pen you like?
What kind of pen do you like, even if it doesn't work with the type of paper you like?
Are you left handed, right handed, cross-dominant, or ambidextrous?
What kind of hands do you have? Are they bony? Muscular? Veiny? How large are they?
How and when did you learn to write (may have taken several years)?
Do you have a journal or diary that you write in?
Do you like to write or do you prefer the keyboard?
How sensitive/dextrous are you hands?
Qwerty or Scholes (or both?)
What kind of keyboards do you like? And what kind of keyboards would
you rather rip out your own pancreas rather than use?


Posted by: Kirin (kirinn)
Posted at: August 26th, 2006 10:46 pm (UTC)

Left handed (for writing; right for sports; ambi for a few things). Hence, prefer pens that don't smear. However, I rarely write out thing on paper longer than short notes or lists. I'm generally ok with normal (sqwerty, rectangular) keyboards; I can't use the split ones because I didn't learn to type the "official" way and so my hands don't always trade off at the designated keys.

Posted by: Jadia (jadia)
Posted at: August 27th, 2006 04:34 am (UTC)

Maybe I'll answer the rest later when I have more time, but I just really want to say: Dvorak! -- not qwerty or whatever the other one is. :)

Posted by: Rebma of Oakland (diatom)
Posted at: August 27th, 2006 08:09 pm (UTC)

I didn't know what cross-dominant is. *looking it up* I'm cross-dominant! I write almost exclusively with my right hand, but I do other things with my left, and my eye is left-dominant.

Pens: I like felt tip pens, ball points with clicky like the Pilot EasyTouch and Z-Grip, and some of those gel pens. Also, fountain-tip pens, like this one Italian series that makes this awesome fountain-tip pen you can refill from an inkwell. I am fond of inkwells, and refillable pens. I use kelly green ink with it, just because.

Paper: I like thick, with texture, like card stock, really. It's good for practicing calligraphy and things, and absorbs extra ink.

Hands: Small, size 7 gloves, usually. Small latex gloves. Veins do happily pop out, and I like admiring them, especially the veins that pop out of my wrist on the side where my thumbs are, making excellent target practice for young phlebotomists-in-training.

I like notes more than typing stuff out, and I like making lists, all the time. I like my ergonomic keyboard plenty; I hate keyboards that are in those foldaway desks, and I've only tried the qwerty, but I'm addicted and type fast that way...So there.

Posted by: Just Another Idiot (tiurin)
Posted at: September 3rd, 2006 11:43 pm (UTC)

Btw, are you able to do that HD transplant either tomorrow or Tuesday?

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