the coproduct of doom (oonh) wrote,
the coproduct of doom

writing questions

What kinds of pens/paper combinations do you love?
What kinds do you hate?
What writing implement do you prefer, pen or pencil?
What kind of paper do you like, even if it doesn't work with the type of pen you like?
What kind of pen do you like, even if it doesn't work with the type of paper you like?
Are you left handed, right handed, cross-dominant, or ambidextrous?
What kind of hands do you have? Are they bony? Muscular? Veiny? How large are they?
How and when did you learn to write (may have taken several years)?
Do you have a journal or diary that you write in?
Do you like to write or do you prefer the keyboard?
How sensitive/dextrous are you hands?
Qwerty or Scholes (or both?)
What kind of keyboards do you like? And what kind of keyboards would
you rather rip out your own pancreas rather than use?

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